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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Move forward for balancing ...

Here comes the last semester of my master study. No doubt, I learnt a lot of new knowledge and advanced my interpersonal skills during the period of time. The accomplishments can reflect my fast grow curve. However, the overgrow of my ability had put into a situation called distress/ over stressed.I did something wrong because I focused on the grow of my ability without balancing of my life. Part of the reason is due to my characteristics, which is to do the best out of the best. When there is imbalanced grow between ability and my characteristics/ life, the problem occurred  Stress had caused me to loss interest in any entertainment activities such as watching movie, even badminton. The impact is multidimensional.In order to overcome the condition, I am learning to do time management and interact more with the social/community. I know it will be a long time to recover from the situation but I would definitely beat it. The life is actually the act of balancing. I know it is difficult as there are many challenges during the journey. I believe the challenges and problems within the journey will add the value to your life. Jia You!

Monday, September 3, 2012

New Challenges for My SEM 2 in M.B.A. Study

Study is boring and meaningless without objectives.Prior to the new SEM starts,I was thinking of new achievement. Opportunity sometimes comes without any sign. On last Saturday, I had a great chat with one of the lecturer. The discussion motivated me to achieve higher goals than I had set earlier. The achievements I obtained in SEM 1 were:

(1) The method to access the fundamental knowledge in particular area and find the relationship between the fundamental theories stated by different authors. From there, a new model/framework was proposed. 

(2) A better writing skill by applying the fundamental knowledge to complete a strategy or plan in specific areas. 

The weakness during my SEM1 

(1) Thinking is too superficial while apply the fundamental knowledge to complete a strategy or plan in specific areas. The linkage between fundamental theories with written plan is too weak. 

(2) The fundamental theories I obtained in particular is too little to come out with a more comprehensive framework or model. 

(3) Failed to manage group work in professional way due to different educated level individuals. Works were mostly dependent on group leader. 

The study objectives of SEM2:
(1) Intensive literature review is needed for particular area before starts to write a marketing/IT plan. The theories should applied correctly in the written plan. To ensure the written plan is workable in real world as well as to obtain the advance skill to apply the existing knowledge (outcome of the research) in the case by inquiring the fundamental theories.

(2) To learn the skill to turn the research to commercial world through research grant. 

(3) Manage group members by divide the work according to individual's strength. Intensive group discussion is needed. 

Hope that all objectives will be achieved in the end of SEM2. 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

What I had learnt from SEM 1 in M.B.A course?

Today, I am officially turned to 23. How I wish I would stay young in this world ? However, God has set the life cycle for the human being. For the past, it is passed. The only thing left is memory. Every birthday comes with three birthday wishes for the new birthday cycle. I personally wish that one of my friend can go through chemotherapy and her name is Kai Jia.Secondly, wish goes to all my beloved family members and friends to stay healthy and enjoy every moment of your life. According to traditional, third wish will be saved in my heart until it is achieved.

Well, return to the question that I posted 2 months ago. In career point of view, I choose to continue my study after degree is because I didnn't see any good career opportunity in Malaysia. As a fresh graduate in Malaysia, you can only hold the position at the bottom of the pyramid in a company. Your working life is much more bored as you will be keep repeating the work daily.In this environment, you might loss your motivation to work or even to climb higher as you don't see the potential in short term. Besides, it was very difficult to get the job that I desired as a fresh graduate. Moreover, I was lack of confidence as my degree was insufficient to prepare me for the job in the real world. In term of timing and self-achievement, I felt that instead of spending the time to search for the job, why don't I start to pursue the course earlier. In self-achievement perspective, I could get an Master degree earlier than others people but this is not the main point for me to pursue the course and even I can continue the PHD or doctorate programs after that. These perceptions was made prior to study the M.B.A. 

After I finished my SEM 1, my previous thoughts were being proved. Throughout  the whole semester 1 in UCSI university, I feel that I grow up a lot. According to one of the lecturer, within the four months, I have been transformed to a thinker. Although the pathways was extremely hard, I enjoy my study with course mates from different countries such as China, different parts of Africa,  Mid Asia countries and etc as well as my respected lecturer. In summary, I have learnt and enhanced my knowledge and soft skills during SEM 1. In knowledge wise, I have studied international business management, blue ocean strategy, operation and logistic management, HRM and organization behavior and research methodology. In my point of view, you can gain knowledge anywhere else in the world today. So, I would like to emphasize the importance of soft skills in order for you to success in your career. During SEM 1, the most useful soft skills I appreciate the most is Critical Thinking Skill as well as the communication skill.Research has trained me to think wisely and deeply. This skill can be applied throughout all your life. Besides, your analytic skill will also improve with critical thinking skill as they are interrelated. 

I have written some Q&A for those who consider studying M.B.A. or working first. 

1. Does study Master degree important ? 
Everyone will get the chance to work in your life but not many can study and have the intention to study Master degree after they complete their degree. The reason you should go for Master degree is to obtain the soft skills such as critical thinking skill and analytic skill. Skill always accompany with knowledge. So, you will obtain higher level of knowledge in Master degree. 

2. I can obtain the skill while working. Why should I study Master degree in order to obtain the skill ? 
Many factors could affect the way you obtain the soft skills.Certain skills you could only obtained from particular environment. By attending the comprehensive training in University, your soft skills will be recognized and your paid for higher level of soft skill. 

In career, you could also obtain or enhance different soft skills such as communication skills and writing skills. However, there is a limitation on the skills you could obtain and is in comprehensiveness way.

3. What is your perception towards "working experience"?
In my opinion, the working experience refers to learned knowledge and soft skills through working. 

4.Does working experience important to me ? 
Ya it is important. As I said, you could obtain different soft skills in different aspect through various practice or training. It is same go to work. You might obtain certain skill in workplace faster than others if you have a better fundamental skill or knowledge such as to pursue a master degree before you enter the workplace. 

5. For experience and Master degree, which one should come first? 
It depends on different individuals. At last, it would be the same. For those who would like to gain some experience before you study Master degree, the most vital concern is the market value after you finish your Master degree. However, in my point of view, with M.B.A, a fresh grad could suit the workplace faster and easier. Your pay might be lower than those who had working experience initially but you could perform better as you have strong fundamental and you will catch up the wages later. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Why study M.B.A?

In the early May 2012, I started my M.B.A. course in UCSI University. During the orientation, I was asked what is the reason that make me study M.B.A. Basically, the major reason is because I feel that my knowledge and skills gained from degree study is insufficient after I did my six month internship at Fonterra. When you come out to society, everyone is talking about value, which is money. Without the knowledge of business, I feel difficult to connect to this society. Secondly, I am still in the stage of exploration. I am unclear with my own interest and own strength and this might be due to unconversant to business world. This is a good chance for me to further my knowledge and skills especially in critical think. Thirdly, with M.B.A. especially for science degree holder, you can have two choices while you enter the society. In summary, study M.B.A is not a must but with M.B.A you can have better and wider choice and more chances when you come out to work. 

Second question I heard the most from my friends who have the intention to pursue master degree is why you choose to start your master directly after your degree. After you graduated from M.B.A., you are just like a non-experience fresh graduate ... ... ( To be continued in next post)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Stop your mind, silent your heart!

Stop your mind and silent your heart!

I need a silent place !

A new life will be started after half month later.
I hope that my mental and heart will be changed together will my physical look.
This is not the life that i wanted.
I need more quality life. 
Within this half month, I have a lot of things to be finished.
But somehow, i am so bored with thesis.
I am very tiring nowadays.
I need a long rest.
I need to FIND A SILENT PLACE and rest my mind, heart and body.
Where is that place ?
God I need you!

Sunday, February 20, 2011




 (结束学业前的省思 20/2/2011)